Efficient milking routines: how to minimise the risk of mastitis in dairy cows

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The milking routine has to be systematic, consistent and always the same in order to facilitate the work of the milkers and to achieve the maximum welfare of the animals, and minimise the risk of mastitis in dairy cows. In this post we will be talking about the sequence of one of the most important operations for the correct stimulation of the milk let-down.

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NMC Milan: What to expect from the largest event on mastitis in cattle

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As the date for the international conference of the National Mastitis Council (NMC) is approaching (June 2018, in Milan), we’d like to give you an insight into what to expect at this year’s congress. That’s why we asked the NMC 2nd Vice President, Mr. Sarne De Vliegher, to answer some questions about what will be happening at the most important event on mastitis in cattle and review with him how the Congress has evolved over the last few year

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