About us


Always bearing in mind that mastitis is a global problem, we hope that with this blog we can raise awareness of this disease, so that we are more prepared to prevent its incidence from continuing to rise.



I’m a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and I also studied for a Master in Business Administration and Communication. After 6 years working in the north-east of Spain as an advisor to dairy farms, cooperatives, industries and feed companies in the areas of Milk Quality, Nutrition and General Management, I joined HIPRA in 2012.

Currently, I work as Brand Manager, coordinating HIPRA’s Mastitis Unit, providing mastitis vaccines and services to more than 50 countries. This has allowed me to understand the different markets, to deliver lectures and to create collaborative links in the field of mastitis prevention all around the globe. In addition to my interest in mastitis, I have several hobbies including running in the forests and mountains behind my home and reading children’s books to my daughter.



Hi! I am Michal Pochodyla, I’m a second-generation veterinarian. With experience in regulatory affairs, laboratory work and sales, I moved to HIPRA as a technical and marketing manager.

In 2013, I achieved my PhD in immunology after completing postgraduate studies in management. I am the founder and a board member of the Polish Mastitis Association and, since 2017, I have been a lecturer at the Veterinary faculty in Poznan (Poland). I have been with HIPRA for 11 years, and I currently hold the position of corporate product manager. I am passionate about milk quality, history and outdoor activities with my family.



Hello there! I’m Paula Villoria. I studied Animal Science at the Universitat de Lleida, and, once finished, I studied (and also finished!) Veterinary Medicine at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

I have collaborated with some vets in the field, and I’m currently a product manager in HIPRA’s mastitis unit, which allows me to travel all around Europe and learn about the different milking systems, cows, farmers, vets, etc. I also learn about somatic cell counts and their interpretation depending on different situations. Nevertheless, because not everything in life is about somatic cells or mastitis, I have other hobbies such as trail walking and watching movies.