Testimonial, reduction of SCC in milk - Bovine Mastitis Vaccination

Success stories about Mastitis vaccination: Can SCC get reduced after vaccination?

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Can a vaccine against bovine mastitis reduce the Somatic Cell count in milk? What are the main problems associated with bovine mastitis that a farmer has to cope with? Is vaccination a solution to mastitis? We are visiting different countries to hear the views of veterinarians and farmers on vaccination against bovine mastitis. What has been their experience?

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Mastitis control plans: Is it time for improvements?

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Was the 5-Point Plan any useful for the dairy industry? Should we change any of these points? Why do we need an extended plan? We had the opportunity to talk about these issues with Thomas C. Hemling, a well-known expert in bovine mastitis prevention. With him, we surveyed the past, present and future trends in mastitis prevention plans.

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Coliform Mastitis: Why it happens to my best cows?

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In previous posts, we talked about the virulence mechanisms of the bacteria belonging to the coliform group. In this entry, we’ll try to explain why coliform mastitis often occurs to certain type of cows and what are the predisposing factors. Knowing this, the question remains of how bovine mastitis caused by this group of pathogens can be prevented.

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Bovine Mastitis worlwide: Are direct costs and prevention strategies similar from one country to another?

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Bovine mastitis is certainly a worldwide problem affecting almost every dairy farm on earth, but what about the costs on every country? Are direct and indirect expenses of this disease similar worldwide, or are they different? Are farmers all over the world using the same prevention strategies? Renowned experts from many different countries share their experiences here.

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The role of Staphylococcus aureus in bovine mastitis and the effects of vaccination against mastitis in dairy cows.

9 field experiences that proved beneficial effects of mastitis vaccination

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As explained in previous entries, immunization against the pathogens that cause bovine mastitis can be a reality, if we include vaccination in our mastitis control programmes. In this entry, we’d like to share with you some field experiences that proved beneficial effects of vaccination against mastitis in dairy cows. Find here also a brief classification of the types of vaccines that can be found in the market.

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